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Mike French, kunstner, live audio optager

"'I'm sitting in my sweet spot, listening to an a/b comparison of an acoustic chamber/classical music performance that I recorded this past weekend. I recorded a live rehearsal, and the next day, I recorded the live performance. On the day of the rehearsal, I ran a comparison of the 4060's -> mma6000 and the 4022's -> Grace V3, from the same stand.

The point that I'm trying to get at is, that I can't believe the high quality, and consistency of the DPA products. It is truly across the board in all of your products. And this is a trait that I have come to expect from this company from a time when it was B&K, (1989, when I first started using a pair of 4011's). And it most certainly continues in the products that I have purchased in the time since the inception of Danish Pro Audio, DPA USA. I have used DPA for nearly 15 years now, and I feel that there is nothing that can compare to DPA in capturing the true feel of a live performance, and any recording that you want to truly represent in it purest, most true form.

I know that I'm capturing the intended performances in the best, most complete, cleanest signal that is possible. It all adds up to the best package in the industry. Somehow, you guys have built magical qualities into your products, and back it up with the finest service possible.

The ensembles that I record for have all commented on the sudden and astonishing improvement in the caliber of my work. They try to attribute it to all kinds of things. In the bottom line, it was just a simple upgrade to the finest products made in audio recording, and the front end of this is pure DPA!"

Mike French

(aka Moke, global moderator taperssection.com, artist, archivist / live audio recordist: The Hutchins Consort, South Coast Symphony, Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus)