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Nyheder fra DPA Microphones

Acoustic Magazine anmelder DPA 4099 instrumentmikrofoner

Af Mark Tucker, Acoustic Magazine, april 2009

"The sound produced by the 4099 is as I would expect: clear, noise-free, natural and fully representative of the instrument. Depending on the instrument, your style and the microphone position, a small degree of low-frequency attenuation may be helpful. This is typical for closely mic’d acoustic guitar and will ultimately reduce low-frequency rumble and feedback. I was also impressed by the degree I could crank the 4099 before feedback was apparent. When compared to other condenser microphones it performed very well indeed. All in all, a beautiful, natural and high-quality open sound was achieved.

DPA are clearly a company who take great pride in designing and manufacturing their products, as is evident from the 4099 microphone system sound and build quality. The simple yet effi cient design of the 4099 system offers musicians a nocompromise means of expressing their own unique tone and sound on stage and in the recording studio. If you are searching for ultimate reality in the sound of your amplifi ed acoustic instrument, the DPA 4099 may just be the answer. Whether fi tted to a mandolin, bouzouki, mandocello or just about any acoustic guitar, the resulting sound is full, detailed and, more importantly, an honest representation of the natural sound of the instrument. What more could any musician ask for? The DPA 4099 is in my opinion the best clip microphone system for acoustic guitar currently available, and it will be hard to beat by any measure."

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