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Nyheder fra DPA Microphones
Article in Audiomedia Magazine No. 286 - Guardians of Audio
Jory MacKay talks to Oscar-winning production sound mixer Simon Hayes about capturing dialogue on the set of Marvel’s latest summer blockbuster and tent pole franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy.
Audio Media reviews DPA 4099 live instrument microphones
Be prepared to hear what your instrument really sounds like!
LineUp interview with Alex Joseph
The Foley specialist and sound designer tells us about his career, business, techniques and attitudes.
LSA Magazine article about DPA wireless headbands and miniature microphones
Cutting the cable: Wireless microphone options for distraction-free performances
Monitor test: Lille krop - stor lyd
DPA har lanceret fire modeller i deres 4099-serie. Det er fire instrumentmikrofoner, som gør et overmåde godt indtryk både på scenen og i studiet.
Church Production - Review of DPA 4080 Lavalier Microphone
So how does it sound? In a word—excellent.
Dane To Be Different
DPA Founder, Morten Støve, talks to Audio Media about the plans to bring DPA's message of quality to the stage and to the (HD) screen
Review of 4017 Shotgun in Audio Media (engelsk)
A little damp but not entirely drowned, DPA’s sweet shotgun mic stood the test of a Welsh downpour, and floated Alistair McGhee's boat in many ways
Review in MusikkPraksis: DPA 4090 - Kule mikrofoner (norsk)
Alt fungerte som smør på innspillingen og jeg fikk separert instrumenter og nærmikket kor ganske bra. Stereoparet i litt avstand til koret fikk ganske mye litt distansert piano inn på seg, og jeg måtte derfor følge opp med å bruke litt mer av nærmikkene for å få fram nærhet i piano der det var nødvendig. Det var lett å mikse opptakene etterpå, og i noen tilfeller havnet jeg opp kun med stereoparet på 5 – 6 meters avstand. Kongelyd!
Line Up feature article: DPA 4017 and 4080 (engelsk)
'Shotgun and lavalier mics are the dominant transducers for television and film production, and DPA have added two more of the highest quality with their new 4017 and 4080 offerings.'
Pro Audio Review - DPA 4017 Shotgun Microphone (engelsk)
'The DPA 4017 Shotgun Microphone is lightweight, compact and most importantly, accurate. I anticipate the microphone will quickly become a mainstay in the broadcast and location recording field.'
DPA 4090 - Un piccolo microfono solo nelle dimensioni
Se state cominciando, la scelta di un piccolo DPA 4090 vi potrà dare grandissime soddisfazioni, perchè la sua neutralità vi permetterà di accostare il pre e scegliere più facilmente il suono.
Review of SMK4061: Technologies for Worship Magazine (engelsk)
'Particularly challenging are micing live acoustic instruments, like acoustic pianos, and getting enough volume without feedback in a full band environment. I must admit that I was initially skeptical that the mics would either pick up too much and be unusable or that they would distort or clip due to high sound pressure levels. I was surprised to find that we were able to achieve both great sound quality and volume from DPA’s SMK4061 stereo mic kit with no clipping or distorting.'
Sound Design for a Classical Musical Festival (engelsk)
The Acme team uses DPA mics for all almost all of its theatre projects. "One thing we've come to believe over the years is how important it is to use the best mics you can find,” says sound designer Tom Clark, Acme Sound Partners. “You don’t want to ruin things at the very beginning of the signal chain." The numbers were daunting, however: “We were dealing with a situation where the ‘house band’ is the Russian Symphony Orchestra, with 110 pieces. Of course, DPA came to mind, as they are our favorite mic supplier.
Excellent vocal pickup from a good-looking boundary-layer microphone (engelsk)
'Aside from its acoustic capabilities, the microphone is aesthetically pleasing for applications in which looks matter, including board meetings, conferences, and court rooms.'


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