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DPA 4099 Clip Microphone for Bass

Sådan miker man en bas op i studiet og live

The most natural sounding microphone placement on a double bass is in the bridge between the strings and the top plate, towards the end of the fretboard. Mount the mic in a strong rubber band or a big piece of foam in the bridge.

Reference Standard Microphones for high output

Choose a 4006A omnidirectional mic (or a 4011A cardioid if you need more separation and like the proximity bass boost caused by a cardioid mic.

In the effort to avoid feedback, even more output from the mic is needed and a placement closer to one of the f-holes can be chosen.

Double Bass w. DPA 4011-TL omnidirectional microphone

Discreet compact microphones

Choose a DPA 4011C Compact Cardioid Microphone, which is the compact version of the 4011A and has an identical capsule.

Double Bass with DPA mic

Practically invisible miniature microphones

An even smaller and yet superbly sounding microphone is the miniature 4060 omnidirectional microphone.

Miniature DPA Microphone in MHS6001, holder for strings, on Double Bass

Clip microphones for live applications

In the same category but with special focus on the live application, the d:vote™ 4099B super cardioid miniature with its special mount for acoustic bass offers the ultimate on-stage solution. It attaches to the outer strings and offers maximum separation and reduction of feedback.

The mic can be mixed with the line signal, reducing the risk of feedback and with a more natural response than with the line signal alone. Using the DAO4099 double cable is a practical approach allowing both mic cable and line cable to run in one dual cable. Furthermore, a box like the Headway EDB-1 box makes it convenient to blend the two signals.

DPA 4099B super cardioid clip mic for double bass
Watch video with bass player Chris Minh Doky

Video: Bass player Chris Minh Doky talks about the advantages of the d:vote 4099B mic solution